Experimenting with Bohemian Clothing in 2018

When it comes to experimenting with your clothes, and going in for an extremely new and outgoing look – Boho Fashion comes to the best rescue. Bohemian fashion is inspired by the fashion by an extremely unorthodox and like-minded people. While going on a trip to some beach might sound exciting and thrilling, but the […]

My Younger Looking Mum

My mum went for a facial treatment last week and she looks great! She opted for Botox, after many weeks of researching and decision-making, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. She turned 60 a couple of months ago; although I really believe she didn’t look it at all, but she felt the need […]

A Style Guide to Eyelash Extensions

No makeup application is complete without eyelash extensions. Long lushes lashes make a woman look alluring, awake and gorgeous. To some applying false eyelashes can give the appearance of face lift. It’s no wonder why you see the hottest celebrities, TV personalities and socialites sporting eye popping 3D Russian lashes. With the growing demand for […]

Where To Read The Best E Cigarette Reviews

The vaping industry has enjoyed a phenomenal rise over the last decade or so as more and more smokers switch to the healthier electronic alternative. It is no surprise therefore the market has become flooded with choice – some products bring the latest and greatest technological innovations but on the flip side there are also […]