Chili Mini Fridge – It’s The Coolest Thing!

I recently purchased this 17 Ltr mini fridge for my woman cave. As my cave is in the shed at the bottom of the garden, I found it a royal pain in the summer to have to interrupt my manlyminicooler_white pursuits to go to the house for a cold drink several times in an evening. While that is not such a problem in the winter, as leaving some cans outside the shed does the trick, it is still an annoyance to have to open the door to go and get them. This lets cold air into the cave, which isn’t the easiest room to heat due to poor insulation.

It wasn’t an issue that was particularly bothering me, but when I saw the Chili mini fridge when looking for a new toaster in the home appliances section of Amazon, which sells all sorts of home and commercial appliances ranging from huge restaurant ovens to electric towel radiators, I just knew I had to have it for the woman cave and also for the office at The Search Equation.The Chili Mini fridge has a quirky retro look, and holds more than you would think as there are two internal adjustable shelves and more space within two door shelves. It also has a built in AC/DC adapters. This means the fridge can be used either with 220-240V AC power source or with the 12V DC power cable that is provided and connects to the cigarette lighter in a vehicle.

My wife was worried the fridge would increase our electric bills but it actually uses only about 50 watts; this means it won’t cost more than about 45p a day.

OK, so here are some features and issues I have found with the fridge that might help your buying decision:

  1. The fridge is almost noiseless
  2. You can choose between white or silver
  3. It has two temp settings, normal at 16 – 18 degrees, or Eco, at 14 – 16 degrees
  4. Weighs just 6 kilos so ideal for taking on trips
  5. Dimensions are: Width 11″, Depth 12.5″, Height 18


All in all this is a very well made appliance, and for the price of £82 which I paid, you can’t really go wrong if you are looking for a small fridge for your bedroom, student dogs or for camping or summer day trips.