Don’t Buy a New Mattress Without Reading This!

It is a fact that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, and so it is important that we find the most comfortable bed and mattress for our needs. An uncomfortable or disturbed night’s sleep is not conducive to a productive day’s work, and even a restless partner can disturb a relaxed sleep.

For this reason memory foam is increasing in popularity as a mattress material; as a way for each partner to sleep peacefully, even if one weighs much heavier than the other, or if one partner is particularly restless at night. Memory foam ensures that each person has optimum comfort and is able to sleep well and relaxed.

Pocket spring mattresses are helpful in a similar way, with individual springs each enveloped in their own little pockets of fabric; thus doing away with the problem of roll together or of the mattress dipping to one side, as is often the case with a continuous coil sprung mattress.

I personally find that the combination of pocket springs and memory foam provides the ideal mattress for two people sharing a bed, and in King size even more so. My husband and I chose this for our master bedroom and have enjoyed peaceful and relaxed nights ever since. Our children are still very young and so have open spring mattresses, simply because they are less expensive and we know that in the future their beds will have to be replaced with larger models. All three of them have divan beds or cabin beds, because of the additional storage underneath, which is essential in a child’s bedroom which is relatively small.

There are so many different types of mattress to choose from, and of course, the degree of firmness will depend upon individual taste, but it should not be difficult to find the ideal mattress for your own personal needs.