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A Next Day Delivery Electric Fire Solved Our Family Crisis

Yesterday, my sister called in a panic because my mother’s electric fire had broken, and as she lives in the northeast of England, temperatures are still pretty cool in March. My sister’s car is in the garage and therefore she was unable to drive to the nearest shopping centre to purchase a new fire, and she certainly didn’t think it was worth fixing my mums as it’s over eight years old.

I decided to look online, although I didn’t hold out much hope because we needed a solution very quickly. As I live more than 120 miles away, there was no chance of me getting something to her in good time, but I hoped I might find something on Amazon.co.uk that had the option of files next day delivery service.

While there were fires on Amazon, none of them looked to be very high quality, and I certainly didn’t want to spend good money on something that wouldn’t last long. Fortunately, a quick Google search led me to a site called Fireplaces4life.

I was absolutely thrilled to find they had a huge range of electric fireplaces, and with free next day delivery. As it was already five o’clock in the evening I can really expect much better than that, and there was also a live support member of staff there to answer any queries. When I explained the urgency of the situation, he promised that the fire would be delivered the very next morning.

My sister has just called me to say it has arrived at 1030 a.m, and that is absolutely striking to look at. Now my mum and sister are waiting for my sister’s husband to finish work and get it installed.

I’m extremely happy with the choice of next day delivery electric fires on the site, the one I chose, and also the price that we paid, and therefore give this company and the product five stars.